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©2018 by ADC. 

We don't protest         We don't  explain   

We take ACTION!

Check out our poster by clicking the PDF! 


Welcome to African Defense Communications

Join ADC today! Click the tab "Answer Sheets & Introduction" , then request password by emailing with your photo, first and last name. Click on "ADC Examination & Questionnaire" to begin!


No  prayers        No  protest

Only Progress

Stay Ready! Don't Get Ready


Welcome to African Defense Communications

Join ADC today!  


Take the first step to be apart of the armored 

underground movement on standby against 

America's extermination campaign of the Black race!


1) Check Requirements (MUST MEET ALL TO QUALIFY)

2) Email, text, or DM (Scroll to the bottom for methods of communication) us with a photo of yourself with your first & last name to begin the process!

Can't Join? Seems extreme? Would you consider donating or liking our social media? Scroll down for social media or click the donation tab to support us in our efforts. AFTER donation, don't forget the password provided [Under video]. Much respect family!


Code of Conduct               Unity                    Strength

African Defense Communications (ADC) is an organization built and maintained by people of African descent with Black empowerment ideologies. The purpose of ADC is establishing connections, resources, and support to people of African descent across the diaspora. Whether during a crisis and/or defense.

Our Goals- 1) Recreate African/Black group cohesiveness

                     2) Protect our people from lethal threats

                     3) Establish a network ONLY for African People void                               of outsiders

                     4) Stay connected  & provide resources during a                                     crisis 

                     5) Deliver justice in an unjust system


*Note: Subscribing is not Joining,

please scroll to top for instructions*