African Defense Communications was founded by the grassroots of Black America. The classification "African", is the acknowledgment of origin from our brothers & sisters. To also include those of our extended foreign & domestic family, who have melanin. "Defense", to provide tangible means of protection. "Communication", to be governed by the people's interests.  


Our focus is to legally alleviate the oppression of Black people (Particularly the descendants of U.S slavery, Vagrancy laws, Jim Crow, etc.) in the U.S. We offer a plan of protection for select brothers & sisters joining the fight against injustice. Although we do not discriminate based on sexual orientation & certain political views, we are heavily against deviating from the Black agenda we choose.


As our introduction stated (on the home page), we are a community of code & commitment. Individuals looking to support our people when in need of resources, training, emergency situations, etc. Freedom is the goal, so we need to be codified to achieve it. To truly stand united (Psychologically) in the United States as Black people. Although racism is often an afterthought to most, we can at least stay ready & don't get ready.

To qualify as a member of the family, please click "Requirements" on the home page of our initial applicant guidelines. If you meet those guidelines,  you can proceed with the process. Here's what you need to know:

We will NOT accept nor tolerate - 

*Not limited to listed below*

1) Sexual Deviants

2) Disrespect or Contempt 

3) Negligence 

What we require from YOU

1) Questionnaire

2) Basic Information

3) Commitment 

We are sincerely motivated to work for our people, in an effort to recreate Black group cohesiveness against White Supremacy