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African Defense Communications was founded by the grassroots of Black America in October 2018. As of now, our objective is to map the oppression of Black people (with the assistance of the people) in the U.S. Because racism is often an afterthought to most, we push to stay ready, but don't get ready.

However, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, we suspended crowdfunding, resource distribution for emergencies, & range training exercises. Need proof? Click both these buttons below: 

Once 150 applicants are signed up, we can relaunch our effort to protect those who joined & beyond.

We are sincerely motivated to work for our people, in an effort to recreate Black group cohesiveness against White Supremacy

So, we ask; Are you serious about Black issues? If so, JOIN OUR LIST, CLICK THE FIST!

Black Fist
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