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Judge the message, not the messenger.

Muhammad Ali: When they say "Not all White people are racist" (1:01)

Dr. Umar Johnson: "Black people never shed

blood for their freedom." (1:30)

Dr. Umar Johnson: Programming of Black

People (23:00)

Dr. Umar Johnson: The key to liberation (7:43)

Artist @Carlitoway44/David Banner - The real threat (02:11)

Artist @Carlitoway44/NeelyFuller - No religion more powerful than White Supremacy (05:30)

Umar Johnson: Peace will never happen w/ Whites (04:20)

Khalid Muhammad: Racism decoded (01:53)

@Rzn.Wale/Malcolm X: What's happening to your women Black man? (01:00)

Artist Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: Knowing your rights ain't enough. (06:28)

Artist: Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: Black people should not brag about anything, even historical.

Artist: Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: The illusion of Classism.

Umar Johnson: When white folks use the term "Reverse Racist"

Artist: Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: The only man in the world, he's White. (Not anti-LGBTQ)

Umar Johnson: All White people are racist

Umar Johnson: Building a positive relationship with the Police

Umar Johnson: They made being a Black boy a disease.

Cynthia G: How are you 'woke' while dating White?

Tariq Nasheed: Why would we vote democrat?

Artist Carlitoway44/Amos Wilson: Slavery is NOT in the past

Tariq Nasheed: America is a paradise for White Supremacy! (13:28)

Artist Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller:

Black people tend to forget this. (3:43)

Artist Carlitoway44/Malcom X:

The Common Enemy of ALL AFRICANS


Artist Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: Did Haiti set an example? (3:24)

Artist Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: "I like seeing dead things, dead black bodies" (4:22)

Artist Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: Black people must stay away from each other

Umar Johnson: We hate each other more than White Supremacy. (Thanks to BlackBear)

Tariq Nasheed: The Coon Problem

Artist Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: We're in the middle of a WAR

Tariq Nasheed: Why Police don't slaughter unarmed White people in large numbers

Tariq Nasheed: Understanding the White female's jealousy of Black women.

Tariq Nasheed: Message to Black MEN! (02:45)

Tariq Nasheed: The White mentality vs The Black mentality. Take note. (01:03)

Dr. Khalid Muhammad:

Stop the Execution, Start the Revolution!


Dr. Umar Johnson: Obama did NOTHING 

specifically for Black Americans (3:24)

Dr. Umar Johnson: How to stop Police Brutality


Dr. Umar Johnson: - Obama's true legacy

Idiosyncratic vs Systematic (14:03)

Frances Cress Welsing: We're in serious trouble (01:00)

African Diaspora News- Racial Policing Hypocrisy (13:12)

Umar Johnson: "Illusion of Inclusion" (04:00)

Umar Johnson: Pyramid of Pain in Black America


Phil (African Diaspora News): One of the reasons White people shouldn't sleep with Black people. (01:00)

Umar Johnson: The Ultimate Goal of White 

Supremacy/Black people are everybody's problem. (05:07)

Artist: Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: They ignore you until you are effective.

Artist: Carlitoway44/David Banner: We should blame ourselves for allowing White Supremacy.

Umar Johnson: Four great periods of Struggle for Black people in America. This is our last.

Umar Johnson: The Paradigm of Black issues. Who's primarily responsible? Who can solve it?

Umar Johnson: Genetic Dominance

Umar Johnson: "Being gay is the same as being Black"

Umar Johnson: America is a Republic, not a democracy. We don't choose the president.

African Diaspora News: Racial Policing Hypocrisy part II

Umar Johnson: When they say "I didn't own slaves/I never been racist"

Cynthia G: The breeding out of Blackness (09:57)

Dr. Umar Johnson: Your GREATEST commitment to African/Black people is dating, marrying, and procreating with African/Black people! (2:19)

Artist Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: White people are Africans too? (4:03)

Artist Carlitoway44/Malcolm X: The peaceful approach is a failure (5:52)

Tariq Nasheed: White Supremacist do not joke about anything in regards to mistreatment. (7:21)

Artist Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: The Mistreatment of woman globally. (4:20)

Artist Carlitoway44/Neely Fuller: Drugs & Guns (9:38)

Artist Carlitoway44/Malcolm X: The Chosen People (3:52)

In other words, we bought into the "American Dream".#PeopleWithOutHopeBecomesDangerous

Artist Carlitoway44/ Neely Fuller: Misguided Black Aggression

Artist Carlitoway44/ Neely Fuller: One of the main reason we're still in this condition

Tariq Nasheed: Coonery 101

Tariq Nasheed: Stop being in denial, there is no classism, only racism. (02:29)

Tariq Nasheed: Black people ain't supposed to Rebel? (03:10)

Umar Johnson: Despite popular belief, Environment has a significant amount of influence (02:33)